Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison

Meet four very different Maryland women with one common obsession: owning great pairs of designer shoes.

Lorna Rafferty's electricity has just gone out. Sitting in the dark, she contacts the electric company and discovers she has been disconnected because she hasn't been making the payments, and this is not the only creditor she is deep indebted to. Lorna has finally gotten herself in a financial hole so deep, she may not be able to shovel her way out. Her only asset is the $30,000 worth of designer shoes in her closet.

Helene Zaharis is about to purchase a new pair of Bruno Maglis shoes when the sales person says that her card has been reported stolen. She finds out that her husband has cut her off! As a politician's wife, Helen always has to be concerned about her actions, any infraction on her part could ruin her husband's chances at the next election, nevermind the fact that his indiscretions seem to go unnoticed. In a moment of anger, she decides to walk off with the shoes that she was not able to purchase.

Sandra Vanderslice is overweight, extremely self-conscious, and has been labeled an agoraphobic by her therapist because she is afraid to leave her apartment. Fortunately, her job as a phone sex operator allows her to stay inside, and she can purchase all the shoes she desires on E Bay without ever having to leave her apartment.

Joss Bowen is a live-in nanny for the bratty Oliver boys, Colin and Bart, and the children are only half the trouble. Their mother, and Joss's boss, Deena, is just plain cruel, forcing Deena to run errands all over town on her days off and threatens to sue Joss if she violates her contract by quitting. Joss is looking for an escape, a place to go on her days off so she has an excuse not to do Deena's dirty work.

Because Lorna can no longer afford to feed her shoe obsession, she posts an add on (the equivalent of asking that if you are a size 7.5 and love designer shoes, to come to her house on Tuesday nights to trade. This ad draws Helen, Sandra, and Joss to Lorna's house, and the four women gain much more than just great pairs of designer shoes.

This book is just as much about women's friendship as it is about shoe obsession. Any reader who can appreciate the bonds that can form between people based on a common interest or readers who just love great shoes will fall in love this book. Enthusiastically recommended!

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