Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Gift by Richard Paul Evans

To Nathan Hurst, the holiday season is a reminder of the tragic Christmas morning when he lost his younger brother in an unfortunate gun accident that left his family in despair. It was a loss so great that his father took his own life to escape the grief, and his mother, who has succumbed to dementia, has seemed to have permanently blocked not only the event, but also her only living son, from her memory.

Since this tragic day, Nathan would prefer not to acknowledge that Christmas even exists, that is, until a chance meeting with a young woman and her children in an airport restores his faith in the Christmas spirit.

While traveling for business, Nathan runs into Addison, a single mother of a young girl and a frail boy who suffers from leukemia, stranded in a Denver airport. Feeling sorry for the family, Nathan offers his hotel room to Addison. Touched by his offer, Addison and Nathan form a friendship that turns into something romantic. Meanwhile, Collin, Addison's sickly son, heals Nathan of both his bronchitis and Tourrettes just from his touch.

When Collin uses his power to save the life of their pomeranian who was hit by a car, the driver wants to use Collin's powers to cure her dying son. Soon, everyone wants to exploit Collin for their own personal gain, including Addison's selfish ex-husband. Although Collin's power is miraculous, it is also a double-edged sword, as every time he heals someone, he is left weak and sick. The power that heals others is killing the healer. Can Nathan protect Collin and his family before it is too late?

This isn't usually the type of book I enjoy reading, but I wanted to read something relating to the holiday season. As hokey as it may sound, this book really makes you reflect on the meaning of Christmas. I was captivated from the first page, and I think anyone would be touched by this thoughtful tale.

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Marisa-Information said...

Did Collin die? What is a gentle read?