Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daisy Dooley Does Divorce by Anna Pasternak

For self- help addict Daisy Dooley, being 39 and single is bad, but being 39 and divorced is even worse. With support from her two best friends - one a commitment phobic serial date, and the other a wife and mother whose marriage is the picture perfect that one all of her friends aspire to – Daisy re-enters the painful (and funny) world of dating that she thought she was leaving behind. Back in the land of lonely Saturday nights, wondering if he’ll call, and awkward setups, Daisy meets up with her post divorce rebound man, and the twenty-something who’s eager to date a “mature woman”, and also battles her feelings for “the one who got away.” Along the way, Daisy delivers laughs and lessons, and is a character you’ll not soon forget.

The book is written by Anna Pasternak, the niece of author Boris Pasternak, the author or Dr. Zhivago, and is a novelization of her series of articles for the London Daily Mail. The book has been picked up by ABC TV for development as a sitcom series.

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