Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lethally Blond by Kate White

Bailey Weggins is at home when she gets a call from an old flame, Chris. He needs her help. His friend Tom is missing. Since Bailey is a true crime writer and has solved a couple of murders, Chris thinks she can help. Bailey agrees to meet him and discuss the situation. It turns out Chris has landed the lead in a new TV show, Morgue. Tom also has a role on the show. Chris hasn't heard from Tom in a couple of days and he knows Tom wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his job. Bailey agrees to look into it.

While following some leads, Bailey learns Tom has a cabin up north. Bailey decides to drive to the cabin and check things out. When she gets there, she sees Tom's car. Bailey is relieved, thinking everything is OK. But as Bailey goes inside the cabin, there is an awful stench. She finds a body hanging in the shower, burnt to a crisp. She is positive it is Tom.

With Tom's death confirmed, Bailey begins the search for the killer. And the list of suspects is long. From the possessive girlfriend to the secret affair, to the angry producer and the jealous ex-girlfriend, everyone is a suspect. Even Chris starts looking suspicious. Will Bailey figure out who the killer is or will she be the next victim?

Another great mystery by Kate White. The Bailey Weggins series is terrific. I always look forward to the next one!

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Anonymous said...

Whoever the killer is made certain to get rid of any DNA by burning the body. I usually dislike mysteries, but I am intrigued. I am dying to know who the killer is!