Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Balancing in High Heels by Eileen Rendahl

Alissa Lindley needs to get this fax through. She has only fifteen minutes to get it sent to the judge or her client will have to go back to jail. The fax jams so she pulls out the papers and starts again. Only two pages went through and then the fax machine stops. She pulls out the papers and tries again. As she feeds them through, her cell rings. It is her husband. The one she is trying to make her marriage work with. He is calling to let her know his mistress is pregnant and he wants a divorce. Stupid fax machine isn't even pretending to work. Alissa picks up the machine, throws it down and jumps on it.

Six months later, Alissa is divorced, through with her anger management classes and has headed home to San Jose, California. Back to where her mom and sister and best friend live. She slowly starts rebuilding her life and starts trying cases at the courthouse. Everything is going along fine until she meets her newest client, a stripper who is arrested for vigilante act. She is part of a group called The Butterfly Brigade.

When news gets out about the Butterfly Brigade, how they right the wrongs that are happening to people, women across the country start forming their own Butterfly Brigades. Alissa knows that what they are doing is wrong but she secretly admires these women for doing what they believe is right. She also knows that the hot detective in charge of the case, EJ Rodriguez, would be upset if she joined them. What is a girl to do?

This was a very funny book. After you read it, you just might want to get a butterfly tattoo and start your own Butterfly Brigade!

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