Friday, July 11, 2008

Hemlock Bay by Catherine Coulter

Dillon Savich has found the Tuttle siblings. They have been on a murdering spree and Savich has finally caught up with them. They are in a barn and Savich is doing some reconn. His fellow FBI agents are waiting for his signal. As he watches, the Tuttles put the two boys in the middle of a circle and start threatening them. Savich realizes there is no time and rushes in. He shoots Tommy Tuttle and kills him and shoots Tammy Tuttle in the arm. The boys are safe and the bad guys are caught.

In Hemlock Bay, California, Lily Fraser wakes up in a hospital. She is told that she has been in a car accident. They tell her she needs to talk to the psychiatrist because they believe it was a suicide attempt. Her car was driven right into a redwood tree. This would also be her second attempt. After her daughter was killed in a hit and run, Lily supposedly took sleeping pills. The fact is Lily doesn't remember trying to kill herself. Either time. She asks her husband, who she has only been married to eleven months and is starting to be suspicious of, to call her brother and his wife, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock.

Savich and Sherlock come and right away realize something is wrong. After Lily starts feeling better, they take her to a psychiatrist not recommend by her husband and Lily is able to remember that she didn't try and kill herself but her brakes failed. Savich and Sherlock start investigating Lily's husband and his family. What they find out is shocking. They also have to deal with Tammy Tuttle. She has escaped and has already started killing. She especially wants Savich dead.

This is the sixth book in the FBI series by Catherine Coulter. Savich and Sherlock are in every book. They might not be the main characters but they are always there. It doesn't need to be read in order but I would definitely read The Maze to see how Savich and Sherlock fell in love! I listened to this book from, I have to say when the narrator spoke as Tammy Tuttle, I was thoroughly creeped out. It was an excellent way to hear the story.

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Anonymous said...

Is Lynn's husband responsible for her attempted "suicide?" From what you described, I wouldn't trust him!