Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Like a Man by Elizabeth Bevarly

Michael Sawyer is a retired spy. Or so he thought. He is asked by his old boss to take on a special assignment. At first Michael refuses but then he learns who he is spying on: his old partner turned evil doer, Adrian Padgett. In order to get the job done, Michael must infiltrate an elite private school that Adrian is on the board of directors.

Hannah Frost is the headmistress of the elite private school in Indiana. The newest student, Alex Sawyer, is in her office almost everyday. He keeps telling outrageous stories of when his dad was spy. Of course, Hannah knows Michael is just a CPA or is he?

Suddenly Hannah is thrown in a world of spies. All of her life she just wanted to be normal. This is as far from normal as possible. She agrees to help Michael get the dirt on Adrian and it doesn't hurt that along the way she just might find her happy ending.

I really enjoyed this story. The only thing that threw me off a little was a secondary story between one of the teachers and the head of the computer company Adrian supposedly worked at. I was never quite sure what they had to do with the main story.


Anonymous said...

If it ends happily, Michael must catch Adrian and hook-up with Hannah, right?

Marisa-Information said...

You are half right!