Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin

Tori Miller has pretty much hit rock bottom ever since she lost her job and her boyfriend Pete dumped her without any warning. Concerned about her depression and the lack of hygiene it has caused, her friends arrange for her to get a complete makeover on the new reality show, Three-On-One, where three fashion-forward gay men give you a complete overhaul.

In addition to giving Tori a new look, her friends sign her up for a share in a fabulous Hamptons house for the summer. They feel that this is a great opportunity for her to meet other singles and to make new friends. Although not sure what to expect, Tori takes a chance on the share and meets her new roommates at a pre-Hamptons get together. Enter the ladies: hair-flipper Leah, new friend Cassie, and roommate Stacey, and the men: the elusive Jackson, his friend, Michael, and playboy Andrew. Because she is the newbee, Andrew has filled Tori in on the most important Hamptons Unwritten rule: you should never hookup with anyone in your summer house before August 1st.

Needless to say, with a mix of different personalities, it will be an interesting and wild summer, that includes lots of socializing, partying, and drinking. During the course of Tori's stay, friendships will be made, hearts will be broken, old lovers will return, and secrets will be revealed. Can Tori survive the summer without breaking the Hamptons unwritten cardinal rule?

Readers will tire quickly of Tori's drinking antics and will expect more from a thirty-something female protagonist. But what the book lacks in substance, it makes up in humor. Tori is an easy character to understand and laugh at and with, and this makes the book worth reading. By the end, you will be rooting for her to get her man!

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Does she end up with one of her housemates?