Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson

Adele Harris has moved back home to Texas. Her pregnant sister, Sherilyn, has left her husband and took their thirteen year old daughter, Kendra, with her. Actually, her husband left her for his twenty-one year old dental assistant, Stormy Weather. Adele is back in a town were she doesn't have fond memories. Her biggest enemy, Devon, made life hell for her in high school. When they both went to the same college, Adele fell in love with Devon's old boyfriend, Zach. Zach ended up breaking her heart and marrying Devon.

Thirteen years later, Adele finds out that Zach is living there with his thirteen your old daughter, Tiffany, and Devon is dead. Zach never forgot Adele and wants to start a physical relationship again. Adele is leery and is going back to Idaho as soon as her sister has her baby. She has a great career writing fantasy books and great friends. Sure all of her friends are married or getting married but that doesn't mean Adele should rush into something with the man who broke her heart. Does it? Who cares if he super hot and can melt bones with his kisses? Who cares if he is an ex pro-football player and has shoulders as wide the Grand Canyon? She has to protect her heart at all cost. Right?!

Rachel Gibson is awesome! I love her books. They are funny and sexy and once I start reading one of her books, I can't stop!

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Anonymous said...

Do Adele And Zach hook-up at some point in the novel? How did Devon die?