Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Quickie by James Patterson

Lauren Stillwell's life is thrown into a frenzy when she finds her husband, Paul, coming out of a hotel with another woman. As a result of this betrayal, Lauren does not feel too guilty for an extramarital affair with a work colleague, that is, until Scott is murdered at the hands of Paul.

Having witnessed the beating and then ultimately finding that Scott has been killed, as a NYPD homicide detective, Lauren insures that she is assigned to the case. Feeling the need to protect Paul, she does whatever it takes to stop the truth from being revealed, even deceiving her partner, Mike, and covering up the damning evidence.

In fact, Lauren feels that her and Paul have been given a second chance when much of the evidence in Scott's murder seems to point to a notorious New York drug lord. Yet, just when the lid on the case seems closed, new evidence keeps popping up that has Lauren questioning her decision to protect Paul. When Lauren delves further into the case, she makes some shocking discoveries which suggest that no one seems to be who she thought.

The twists and turns kept coming in this heart pounding thriller from the prolific Patterson, and I have to commend the superb narration of Mary Stuart Masterson of the downloadable audiobook from My Media Mall, as it really added to the suspense. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to pick up another one of his novels or anything narrated by Masterson!

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