Friday, August 22, 2008

Quicksand by Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan has been looking for her daughter Bonnie's body for years. With the help of her boyfriend, Detective Joe Quinn, every little clue that might find her, they have searched. It has been years and they might have finally caught a break. While Joe travels to Illinois on a tip, Eve receives a phone call from a man claiming to maybe have been the one who killed Bonnie. He will only tell Eve the truth if she will play a game with him.

By the time Joe gets to the small town in Illinois, the sheriff has been murdered. The man that was under surveillance, Kistle, is a child murderer. He is also an ex-Army Ranger and eludes the police in the woods.

He sets up clues for Eve to follow. If she can make it to the end alive will she find Bonnie's remains? Or will everyone she loves be killed for an obsession she can't let go of?

Another great book from the Eve Duncan series. Also, Megan Blair from Pandora's Daughter makes an appearance as well as Montalvo and Miguel from Stalemate.


Anonymous said...

Can this series be read out of order? Also, just out of curiousity, do her other books take place in Illinois?

Marisa-Information said...

It can be read out of order but the last couple of books Iris Johansen has written, I would read in order. I believe this is the only one. The character Eve Duncan leaves in Georgia.