Friday, August 8, 2008

Spy Wars by Tenant Bagley

Spy Wars reads like a detective novel, only the hero doesn’t wrap up all unanswered questions neatly at the end of the book! Bagley writes with conviction and understanding about a period in world history that is complex and unnerving and he does it masterfully.

The case of Yuri Nosenko is just one of many CIA-KGB dalliances during the Cold War. Yuri Nosenko defects to the US through CIA operatives in Switzerland and tries to prove that he is cooperating with the CIA by providing details of known KGB plants in Eastern and Central Europe. He even offers up details of Lee Harvey Oswald’s life in Minsk during his defection to the USSR before his alleged assassination of J.F.K. in 1963.

What makes this case special is that several of the original participants still cannot give a definitive answer as to whether Nosenko was a plant for the KGB or a defector to the CIA. The appendices, while offering written documentation of the ‘facts,’ still aren’t convincing. This tale is absolutely spellbinding!

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