Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is an average Joe, a bachelor in the city of Chicago living paycheck to paycheck, with one exception - he is a wizard. Worrying about making his rent on time this month, Dresden is elated when he receives a phone call from a woman who hires him to find her missing husband who she believes was involved with black magic and disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Meanwhile, when a notorious Mafioso and his lover are heinously murdered in a manner that no mortal could have caused, Chicago Police Department detective Karrin Murphy calls in the only one who can help her solve the crime - Harry Dresden.

As Dresden delves further into the case, things start to get hairy as he discovers the person responsible for the crimes has been using his powers to make Third Eye, an evil drug that is reeking havoc on the city's junkies. Without enough evidence to convict anyone yet, Dresden becomes the Chicago P.D.'s prime suspect. Furthermore, the White Council wants to put him on trial, a trial that could cost him his life, for breaking a trivial law of the Nevernever. Can Harry solve the crime and still get out alive?

Storm Front is the first of The Dresden Files series and is filled with a cast of wacky characters, including Morgan, Dresden's warden, Bob, a talking skull who assists Dresden in his potion making, Toot Toot, a incorrigible faery, and Susan, the journalist for the Arcane who can't seem to get enough of Harry.

As a rule, I have been turned off from fantasy because it sometimes requires the reader to invest in a world that is so different from our own (i.e. the Lord of the Rings series). However, what is so appealing about The Dresden Files is its accessibility - Dresden is pretty average guy with this one special ability. Filled with mystery, humor and a dash of fantasy, this is a must read that will appeal to anyone.

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Marisa-Information said...

It is a great series. Very enjoyable. I also recommend watching the first and only season of the Dresden files.