Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

As Denise Holden is driving home in a torrential storm that has hit the small town of Edenton, North Carolina, a deer appears in the middle of the road, causing Denise to swerve off the shoulder.

Barely conscious from the accident, Denise awakens to a firefighter named Taylor McAden helping her from the vehicle. As a single mother, her first instinct is to ask about Kyle, her four year old son who has a speech delay and difficulties with language, who was in the back seat. Yet, Kyle is no where to be found.

Taylor and his cohorts brave the swamp in search of Kyle, which is not an easy task when the child is unable to respond to his own name. Meanwhile, Denise is rushed to the hospital where Judy, a high school friend of Denise's mother who is also Taylors mother, visits in an attempt to comfort the distraught mother.

After Kyle's recovery, Taylor can help but develop a strong bond with both the boy he rescued and his mother. Taylor and Denise embark on a relationship that seems to offer Denise the companionship she needs, yet there is something that Taylor holds back - a secret from his childhood that he cannot bear to retell to anyone, and both Mitch and Melissa, Taylor's friends, hope that Taylor does not break the heart of the one person they know he truly loves.

After reading so many Nicholas Sparks' books, the reader can anticipate a certain amount of predictability - a strong romance always develops between the two protagonists and someone tragically dies or nearly dies. Even so, I confess that there were a few moments when I was caught off guard, making The Rescue one of his more memorable titles. Furthermore, the elements of romance, that could be hokey in the wrong hands, are always cleverly and tenderly executed.

You know my only goal in life is to read all his books, and I can't wait for The Lucky One to be released this fall!

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