Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scream for Me by Karen Rose

In Karen Rose's last book Die For Me, a serial killer, Simon Vartanian, was caught and killed. Now in her latest thriller, we have the serial killer's brother, Daniel Vartanian, as the main character. He is a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and he helped catch his brother. Now two weeks later, there is a murder and it seems Simon is somehow linked.

Alex Fallon lost her twin sister, Alicia, when they were 16 years old. She was found in a ditch, raped and murdered. The day she was found, their mother shot herself. Thirteen years later, Avery has become a nurse and thought she had put the nightmare behind her. Avery receives a call telling her that her stepsister, Bailey, is missing and her daughter, Hope, needs Avery. This comes as a shock to Alex because she didn't know Hope existed. Alex returns home to look for Bailey and take care of Hope. Back to the place where all her nightmares are.

The murder that has taken place, back in Daniel and Alex's hometown, is similar to the way Alicia was killed. This brings Alex and Daniel together. They have to work together to find Bailey and the killer because everything seems to be connected. And the killer's endgame is Alex's death.

Another thrilling book by Karen Rose! She had me guessing until the end who the killer was and I still didn't figure it out!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Scream for Me sounds like a real page-turner! I have never read this author, but would be willing to give her a try.

Marisa-Information said...

It really was a page turner. All of Karen Rose's books are great reads.