Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

Britt Shelley is having a rough morning. She just woke up in bed, naked, next to Jay Burgess. She has no recollection of how she wound up there. She gets up, showers and returns to the bedroom to find Jay hasn't moved at all. He is dead. Britt calls 911 and begins the biggest nightmare of her life.

Raley Gannen has become a hermit. Five years ago, his whole life was destroyed. Once a firefighter and up-and-coming arson investigator, he has withdrawn from society. Now with the news of Jay's death, Raley can get his revenge. He believes he was set-up by Jay and three others in the death of a woman. Unfortunately, the four men in question are considered heroes. They saved the lives of many from a tragic fire that burnt down the police station.

Raley and Britt come together to try and figure out what happened. It all leads back to the fire. They need to figure it out fast or they will both be dead.

This was a fantastic book by Sandra Brown. I love how the story would go back into flashbacks. If you haven't read anything by Sandra Brown, Smoke Screen is a great choice to start with!

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