Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tempted By the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

Lady Hermione Marlowe has been in love with Lord Rockhurst forever. The only problem is he doesn't know she exists. When Hermione finds her new sister-in-law's ring she puts it on for safe keeping, not knowing the ring has magical powers. It allows the person wearing it to make one wish. So when Hermione innocently says she wishes to be invisible at night so she can follow Lord Rockhurst and learn all of his secrets, she is shocked when it comes true.

Lord Rockhurst is from a long line of protectors called the Paratus. They protect London from dangerous beings from another realm. Very few people are aware of these creatures. One night, while in a dire situation, someone was there to help. Rockhurst could not see the person, but they saved his life.

His shadow, as he calls her, keeps showing up at night and during the day Rockhurst is determined to find out her identity. Hermione won't tell because she doesn't want him to be disappointed. They fall in love even though Rockhurst doesn't know who his Shadow is.

This was a decidedly different type of historical romance. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I didn't realize Tempted By the Night was the second book in a series and the first book is His Mistress By Morning. You can be sure I will be reading that one as soon as possible!

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