Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You've Been Warned by James Patterson

While on her way to her nanny job in New York City, amateur photographer Kristin Burns stops in her tracks when she sees four body bags being removed from the Falcon Hotel. Unable to look away, Kristin grabs her camera when suddenly she sees that the last body bag is moving. The person is still alive! Kristin starts frantically screaming.

The next thing she knows, it is early morning, and she is safe in her bed. She realizes that it was just a terrible nightmare - or was it. As the weeks progress, strange things keep happening that make Kristin wonder if she is losing her mind. At a club with some friends, a stranger walks up to Kristin and tells her "you've been warned." Then, she receives collect phone calls in which the person on the other line is screaming and the voice she recognizes as her own.

Furthermore, there are fuzzy hazes over some of her photographs that no element of science can explain. In particular, there is a disturbing picture of the man she is having an affair with in which he is laying dead on the floor, and it is a picture she knows she never took.

What is this all building up to for Kristin? With every page, the reader anxiously awaits for the conclusion, but the resolution is less than satisfying. I would love to hear what others who have read this book think. Please post a comment! This isn't one of Patterson's best. Still, devoted fans of the author should find something to like here.

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