Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ask Again Later by Jill Davis

Emily Rhode is a thirty-something New York professional whose mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. In response to her mother's diagnosis and without much thought, Emily has quit her job. This also affords Emily the opportunity to escape the on-again off-again relationship with her coworker Sam, a man she loves but can't seem to commit.

In addition to her concerns about her mother's health, Emily has been in therapy to deal with issues with her father Jim, who walked out on her family when she was five. Although Jim has been estranged from the family for most of Emily's life, he has been back in the picture ever since Joanie's diagnosis. In fact, he offers Emily a reception job at his law firm which Emily accepts.

Emily's new job gives her a chance to establish a relationship with the man who she never really knew in hopes of forming the family she never really had. Just when Emily is adjusted to the status quo, tragedy hits, and Emily starts to reevaluate her priorities in life.

Despite Davis's keen ability to punctuate moments of sadness with humor, for me, the plot seemed to drag on for most of the book. I wouldn't care to read anything by this author again, and I wish I could get back the 6 hours or so it took me to read this book!

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