Friday, October 31, 2008

Creepers by David Morrell

In preparation for writing his story, reporter Frank Balenger has joined a covert group of individuals who refer to themselves as "creepers" on their exploration of the dilapidated hotel in Asbury Park known as the Paragon. The "creepers" consist of Professor Robert Conklin and his former students, Rick, Vinnie, and Cora, and their mission is to infiltrate old, historic buildings without vandalizing or destroying them.

Besides the Professor, not many people know the sordid history behind the Paragon Hotel. The prior owner, Carlisle, an eccentric individual who suffered from agoraphobia, used surveillance techniques to monitor his guests. During the course of his voyeurism, he not only witnessed affairs but also brutal acts of violence and murder. In fact, one of the rooms was home to a mobster who supposedly stored valuable gold coins in a secret vault in his room. As a result, readers will soon discover the different motivations behind the expedition and ultimately that no one is who they said they are.

When they enter the hotel on this stormy October night, the professor and his clan suspect they will run into the usual nighttime creatures that inhabit these places, but little do they know the nightmarish hell they are about to encounter, including dead bodies, a woman held captive, a group of thugs, and a serial killer on the loose. Will any of them be able to get out alive?

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with Creepers at first, as the adventure and suspense started out slowly, but I am glad I finished it. If you can get through the first 70 pages or so, the plot thickens and intensifies, and Morrell keeps readers guessing until the very end.

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