Friday, October 3, 2008

The Importance of Being Married by Gemma Townley

Jessica Wild has just inherited millions from Grace, a lady she befriended at the nursing home her grandma was at. Grace would always ask about her love life and Jessica would always skirt the issue. Eventually, Jessica realized it wouldn't hurt to fabricate a date or two for Grace's benefit. Before Jessica knows it, she is being proposed to and eloping with her boss, Anthony Milton. Of course none of it is true and even though it has made Grace very happy Jessica decides to come clean. Before she can, Grace dies and leaves Jessica everything...under her married name, Mrs. Jessica Milton!

With the help of her best friend Helen, Jessica gets a makeover and tips on how to get the real Anthony Milton to propose in 50 days. Normally, Jessica might just forget the whole thing but Grace's beautiful home will be torn down and turned into business offices. So does it matter that she doesn't love Anthony or that she might be in love with someone else? Can she get the millions and still be true to herself?

I loved this book. There is a great twist at the end. It is the first of a trilogy and I cannot wait for the next two books to come out! Gemma Townley has made my list of must read authors!!

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