Thursday, October 23, 2008

Step On a Crack by James Patterson

Even though it is Christmastime, the funeral service for the former president's wife is full of the rich and famous. Noted celebrities and politicians have gathered at St. Patrick's to remember the former first lady. In the midst of the service, a group of cloaked, hooded, and masked men with teasers and guns take over, using the funeral services attendees as their hostages. Their demands are simple: they want $80 million dollars wired to an account in the Caymans or else New York's most famous will die.

Enter New York City homicide detective and former hostage negotiator, Michael Bennett, who has been called in to talk to the front man for the hijackers, a man who calls himself "Jack." Michael, a father of ten adopted children who's wife is dying of terminal cancer, needs this pressure like he needs a hole in the head, but he is determined to get the hostages out safely, no matter what the costs.

Michael and the police think they have the upper hand when the church's caretaker comes forward with a secret passage that they can use to raid the church. Unfortunately, the hijackers seem to be one step ahead, and this attempted raid leads to a few causalities. In fact, the hijackers demonstrate they are not kidding around when they send a few hostages out - the mayor who has been stabbed to death and a priest who has died in the crossfire. Will Michael be able to successfully negotiate with Jack before anyone else dies?

Readers will enjoy this fast-paced and intense read from Patterson. I also wanted to add that this story would would make an excellent feature film and I hope it gets optioned for a movie one day. It could stand up next to Die Hard any day.

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Marisa-Information said...

Wow-this book really sounds action packed. It sounds like it would be a great movie. I will definitely be reading Step on a Crack!