Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark Summer by Iris Johansen

Devon Brady is at a search and rescue mission with her dog Gracie when a mysterious man comes into her tent carrying a dog. The dog has been shot. Being a vet, Devon starts to work on the dog, Ned, and the man introduces himself as Jude Marrok. When Devon is done operating on Ned, she returns to help at the rescue site and when she returns Jude is gone but he left Ned. When he doesn't return for Ned, Devon takes Ned home with her to Colorado.

Jude left Ned with Devon so he could hunt down the man who tried to kill him and his dog. Being an ex-Navy Seal works to his advantage but it still took him two days to track and kill the man. The man sent by his enemy, Danner. Danner is trying to get a hold of the four dogs in Jude's possession. Dogs that may have special powers of healing. He wants them so he can kill them and dissect them and make millions. Jude has separated the dogs and left them with guardians.

Jude sees the potential of Devon being a guardian and that is why he left Ned with her. But by doing so he has put her in grave danger. Now he must get her to trust him. Because Danner will stop at nothing to get the dogs and he will harm anyone and anything in his path. Jude must end this now or he will lose his dogs and the woman he is falling for.

Another great book by Iris Johansen! If you haven't read her, you must. Her Eve Duncan series is fantastic. Also, if you are familiar with her books, Sarah Logan from The Search makes an appearance.

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