Friday, November 7, 2008

His Captive Lady by Anne Gracie

Harry Morant can't take his eyes off the woman in the back of the cart. It is raining and cold but she isn't letting it affect her. As he rides by on his horse, he hands her his gloves and hat. Not one word is exchanged but Harry is deeply impacted. They come to a fork in the road and go their separate ways.

Lady Helen Freymore aka Nell has just returned home. Her father is dead and she must return to London to found someone very dear to her. She comes home to regroup and finds that her home was lost in a card game by her father and that she is now broke and homeless. While she is hiding out in the stables trying to figure her next move out, Harry shows up. He has just bought the house. It is the perfect place for him to breed horses.

He can't believe his luck that the girl he can't stop thinking about is here! He proposes and as much as Nell wants to say yes she feels she is not in the position to accept. She must find the lost person in London. She accepts a job as a lady's companion because it will get her to London. On the way, they detour to Bath and who should be there but Harry visiting his aunt. They are caught in a compromising position and become engaged. Harry is ecstatic and Nell is secretly happy too.

Harry agrees to take Nell to London to find this mystery person. Along the way, Nell realizes she can trust him and finally tells her story about why she is so desperate to find this person. With the help of a couple of Harry's friends, they scour London looking for the missing person. Along the way, they will find love, sadness, and ultimately their happy ending.

I love Anne Gracie's books. I started with her Perfect series and I never looked back. I cannot wait til her next book comes out.

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