Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook by Gemma Townley

Kate Hetherington is a hopeless romantic. She sees the positive in everything. And is it so wrong to wish for a knight in shining armor to ride up on a white horse and sweep her away? Almost thirty, Kate is sick of waiting. She goes online and types in hopeless romantic and is astonished to find 4 million hits. Kate finds a book on an Ebay auction called The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook. Kate decides to give it a try. She receives the book the next day and finds it was written in the fifties. The concepts are a little dated but Kate decides to give it a whirl. And to her astonishment, it works.

Kate meets Joe Rogers, an actor from America trying to make it in London. Kate thinks he might be the one but her two best friends, Tom and Sal, think she might be ahead of herself because Kate has only been dating him for a week. Kate doesn't listen because Tom is a cynic when it comes to love and Sal is a happily married woman. But what Kate doesn't know is Tom is secretly in love with her and Sal is having doubts about her marriage.

When Kate is dumped by Joe and fired from her job, she decides that she doesn't need a handbook or a knight. She can do it herself. Kate finds a great job and after some misunderstands finds her knight. He may be a little tarnished but he makes her happy!

You don't have to be a hopeless romantic to enjoy this terrific book by Gemma Townley. It is fun and light read. Another great read by Gemma!

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Anonymous said...

I like the whole set-up of the plot. You have read another book by this author and seem to really enjoy her. I just may have to give her a try. I have taken a short vacation from chick lit, but would like to get back into it!