Monday, November 24, 2008

Wifey by Kiki Swinson

Wifey is a typical, by the numbers, urban fiction tale: Kira is the beautiful around the way girl caught up in her drug dealing husband Ricky’s game. So why is this book such enjoyable mind candy?

For starters, as Kira spins her tale in first person, she shares the pain and heartbreak of loving a man that is consistently unfaithful in a funny, unflinchingly honest manner that any reader can relate to. When Kira’s favorite cousin and closest relative Nikki, a drug runner in Ricky’s organization, gets caught with enough product to lock her up for a decade or two, Kira decides to exact revenge on her two-timing criminal husband, using Nikki as the bait for the Fed’s investigation into Ricky’s shady dealings.

A quick read with a surprise ending that will leave readers excited that this book is the first in a new Wifey series, and wondering what new adventures and hot water Kira will find herself in-and how she will get out!

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