Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross

Karen Friedman will never forget the day of the New York City's Grand Central Station explosion that shattered the idyllic life of her and her two children. Charles Friedman, who owns an investment firm and would ordinarily drive into the city, took the train that fateful day because his car was in the shop. Although his body was never recovered, it was determined that he died that day in the explosion. The only remains were his tattered briefcase and a piece of paper from his desk.

On the same day Charlie is killed, a young man is henioiusly murdered in a hit and run accident in Karen's small town of Greenwhich, Connecticut. Inside the young man's wallet is the phone number of Charlie Friedman. On the case is detective Ty Hauck, who questions Karen as to Charlie's connection to the murdered young man. Since she has never seen or heard of this kid, Karen cannot assist the detective, and without enough evidence or clues, the case goes cold.

A year passes and Karen and her family, who are still grappling with Charlie's death, are trying to get on with their lives. On the one-year anniversary, a documentary about the explosion is featured on television. From the television footage of that day Karen sees none other than, Charlie, alive! Completely dumbfounded and at a loss, Karen turns to detective Hauck for help. As the two search for answers, they are drawn into a shady world of murder and deceit from the man Karen thought she knew.

If you are looking for a thrilling ride, The Dark Tide delivers just that. The suspense starts up early and keeps going until the end. I can't wait for Gross's next book!

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