Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

The little town of Branscombe, New Hampshire is getting ready for the first Festival of Joy that is being catered by Conklin's Market. A few days before the festival, four of Conklin's employees, who jointly purchase a lotto ticket every week, win millions in the jackpot by using Duncan's winning number. Unfortunately, Duncan did not go in on the lotto ticket this week, as he was advised not to by "financial advisors" Edmund and Woodrow Winthrop.

Little does Duncan know that the Winthrop cousins are two con artists in town to scam local residents. In fact, catching wind of Duncan's lucky numbers, the Winthrop brothers have purchased a second winning ticket. Duncan's disappearance the night of the win has the town questioning if he is the holder of the second ticket.

Meanwhile, Flower, Duncan's Internet girlfriend who comes to Branscombe to surprise him, ends up missing. While returning characters Alvriah Meehan and Regan Riley are in town for a visit, they get involved in the case to find Flower and catch the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Along the way, they encounter the two owners of the Hideaway Inn with a shady past, Betty and Jed, as well as a whole cast of oddball residents.

What an enjoyable little read with plenty of suspense and humor! As expected, Mary and Carol create villains out of the Betty, Jed, and the Winthrop cousins that will have readers routing for Duncan and his cohorts. As a reader, I am all about the characters, and there were just so many quirky, fun ones in this light-hearted tale. I am definitely recommending Dashing Through the Snow to everyone!

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Marisa-Information said...

Sounds like a delightful book. Sometimes when there are a lot of different characters, I find myself having to go back in the book to keep them straight. Was that the case in this book?