Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fish out of Water by MaryJanice Davidson

Fredika Bimm is a hybrid. She is half human and half mermaid. Fred is kind of a outcast in the ocean. Her father, who she never knew, tried to overthrow the king thirty years ago. But the prince of mermaids, Artur, wants to marry Fred. But Fred is torn between a fellow marine biologist, Thomas, and Artur.

Fred's best friend, Jonas, is getting married. If that's not enough pressure, out of the blue her dad shows up. It has been thirty years since he tried to overthrow the king and he wants to make amends. If not with the king then with Fred. But before she can get to really know her dad, she must help the king solve the mystery of the disappearing mermaids. Oh and let's not forget straightening out her love life!

Fish Out of Water is the third and last book of MaryJanice's Fred the mermaid series. It is a funny, delightful trilogy. Also, if you like MaryJanice's books, be sure to read the Undead series. It is really fun!

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