Sunday, December 28, 2008

Night Secrets by Cherry Adair

Sydney McBride is trying to get her professional life back. She wrote a book and it turned into a disaster, so she is writing a book about people who get plastic surgery. Her only problem is she has to get plastic surgery so she opted for a boob job. That is how she ended up in Brazil at an exclusive treatment center. She is in her room minding her own business when a naked man comes out of nowhere and tells her to pretend he is her boyfriend. Just as he tells her that, there is a knock on the door.

Lucas Fox is having a bad day. He is a counter-terrorist operative for an organization called T-Flac and he also happens to be a wizard. Unfortunately, his powers are on the fritz. As he teleports after a suspect, he has a rough landing and gets shot in the shoulder. He makes into a room and uses the woman there as cover.

Sydney can't believe her luck. This is the story of a lifetime. She thought she hit the jackpot finding out Lucas is a spy but to find out he is a wizard? Unbelievable. Lucas isn't worried. His main power is wiping memories. As the two work together, they realize there is more going on at this spa then plastic surgery. There is black market organ transplants taking place and a bio chemical weapon being sold to the highest bidder. With all this action going on, will Sydney and Lucas find time to fall in love?

This is the second book in Cherry Adair's Night series. It is a enjoyable series. If you like wizards and spies, check out her Edge series also.

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