Friday, December 19, 2008

The Pre-Nup by Beth Kendrick

Ellie, Jen, and Mara are long-time college friends who are all have martial problems due to a little legal document known as the "pre-nup."

Ellie has just realized that her perfect marriage is nothing but a sham when she discovers that her devoted husband has been having an affair with the Angelina Jolie of the medical community. Through some shady financial maneuvering, Michael claims that, despite the pre-nup, he cannot give anything to Ellie since they have been living in debt the last ten years. In addition, he wants to take full legal custody of their daughter, Hannah.

Meanwhile, attorney and soon-to-be married Mara is requiring Josh to sign a pre-nup in order to protect both of their legal assests. However, the pre-nup seems to be just a way to mask the guilt Mara feels for the affair she had earlier in their relationship and is causing strife in their impending marriage.

In addition, workaholic Jen married her best friend, and thus, her marriage is lacking the intense passion that she has had in her previous relationship with Patrick. Eric understands that Jen loves him but isn't in love with him, and he wants out. Jen had Eric sign a pre-nup 5 years ago in order to protect the capital he invested in their business. Although Eric is giving her everything, Jen is miserable because she wants her marriage to work, but it may be too late.

The Pre-nup is a fun, frothy tale that takes a look at that pesky legal document from many angles, and readers will be rooting for these women to prevail despite the legal odds stacked against them.

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