Friday, December 12, 2008

Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz

Ryan Perry really doesn't have a worry in the world, least of all money, having made a fortune in software development by the age of 34. All that is about to change when severe heart pain and a visit to his internist reveal that he suffers from a congenital heart condition. Although his doctors have placed him on the wait list for a heart, if he doesn't receive the transplant, he will die within a year.

Still unable to grasp how someone like him who is otherwise a perfect specimen of health could have been given such a terminal prognosis, Ryan becomes paranoid about the origins of his condition and considers the minute possibility that his disease could have been caused by poisoning. Soon, all those around him become suspect, most of all his girlfriend Sam, who lost her twin sister in a car accident and is estranged from her mother who decided to take her sister off life support. Miraculously and despite the odds, a schoolteacher who was killed in a car accident happens to be a compatible match for Ryan and thus he receives the transplant that is required for his survival.

A year after the transplant, Ryan seems to be getting back into the swing of his regular lifestyle, that is, until, the tormenting starts. It begins with a bag of candy valentine hearts on his pillow that all say "be mine" and then a heart gold pendant inscribed with "be mine." There is a woman on the loose who claims to be the owner of his heart and is the spitting image of donor. She wants it back and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Although all his storylines vary, there is a certain amount of predictability in Dean Koontz's books, which is what I find to be so enjoyable. I know that the suspense will build at just the right pace to keep the pages turning and will end in a satisfying conclusion, and Your Heart Belongs to Me does just that.

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