Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross

When an individual who is in the witness protection program disappears, the FBI refers to them as being in the "Blue Zone," and this is exactly what defines Ben Raab. Raab, a businessman in the gold trading industry, has been under investigation for taking kick backs from the notorious Colombian drug cartel, the Mercados.

In exchange for giving the FBI his testimony against the Mercados, Ben is given a shortened jail sentence and he and his family, with the expectation of his eldest daughter, Kate, are placed in protective custody. Kate, a 21 year old college grad, has decided to not go into the program with her family. Without any knowledge of where her family is, Kate can only communicate with them via email.

Kate, who is still grappling with losing her family, is terrified when her coworker is attacked on the night when Kate was suppposed to be closing. Then, her family's case agent is brutually tortured and murdered, and the FBI suspects this occured at the hands of the Mercados or possibly her father, who went in the blue zone a week prior to the murder. Kate, determined to find her father and save her family, questions everything she ever knew about the man who vowed that she could always trust him.

After cowriting several novels with James Patterson, The Blue Zone is Gross's winning solo debut. Fans of Patterson need to read Gross, who is a talented suspense/thriller writer in his own right.

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Marisa-Information said...

This sounds like a great book. I haven't read Andrew Gross before but I think I will have to now!