Monday, January 5, 2009

Judge & Jury by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Special agent Nicholas Pellisante, who is in charge of the FBI's organized crime unit, has finally caught head mob boss Dominic Cavello. With the right jury selection and Nick acting as a witness, he is confident that they will finally be able to nail Cavello.

When the trial starts, a few of the jurors receive threats that they believe could have been ordered by Cavello. As a precautionary measure, the jurors are required to stay together at a hotel where they can be protected for the remainder of the trial. After a day in the courtroom where Cavello's outburst puts him in contempt, the jurors leave early on a bus back to the hotel when the it suddenly explodes! Seventeen jurors are killed instantly leaving juror Andie DeGrasse as the sole survivor.

A hasty response fueled by rage gets Nick thrown off the case. Five months later the case is set for retrial with a new set of jurors, but this time the prosecutors have two more indictments, murders of 2 FBI agents, against Cavello. Furthermore, maximum security is taken at the new trial, but Cavello, with the help of a Russian accomplice, manages to escape. Nick, determined to fulfill a promise, and Andie, needing to bring justice for her son's murder, will risk everything to capture the country's most notiorious mobster.

Full of page-turning suspense, Judge & Jury is The Fugitive's Marshall Samuel Gerard meets The Sopranos's Tony Soprano. Patterson and Gross are a winning team, and you may want to try their other collabrations which include The Jester, Second Chance, Third Degree, and Lifeguard.

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