Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Isabella Swan is a 17 year old girl; she has never really been that good at sports and is kind of a klutz. But other then that she is much like any other normal teenager. At least that was what she thought. Her move from Phoenix to Forks, Washington changes all of that. Bella moved in with her father Charlie the town sheriff. Wanting for her mother to be able to be by her step-father Phil’s side as there on the road traveling. Instead of at home with her.

Upon arriving Bella finds that Forks will get some taking used to. Everything from the Weather to the people is different. Though, there are things that help. She attends the local high school meeting new people, making new friends. One such person is Edward Cullen. He is a classmate of hers that she sits next to. He gives her the cold shoulder though for what reason Bella is unaware why? Bella can tell from meeting him that there is something different about him as well as the members of his family. They are all handsome and beautiful, and they all seem to have something to hide. She starts to suspect it even more after an accident reveals the Cullen family’s secret to her.

This is the first of four books in the Twilight series. If you are a fan of supernatural books or vampires you will like this as well as the sequels.

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