Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

Jean-Luc Echarpe is a top designer. He is also a vampire and that is why he is opening one of his stores in Texas. He has to go into hiding for twenty-five years because people are starting to wonder why he hasn't aged. He will reemerge as his son. At the grand opening party Jean-Luc sees a woman stealing his designs. He takes her aside to question her, when they are attacked by his sworn enemy, Lui.

Heather Lynn Westfield was invited to the opening of a fancy boutique with items that she could never afford nor want to wear. She always dreamed about being a fashion designer and is inspired by the dresses but to make the outfits more realistic. You know, fit size 12 not size 0. She is sketching ideas when a drop dead gorgeous man takes her aside to accuse her of stealing his designs. But before she can really explain and a crazy man attacks them with a sword!

Lui has killed two of Jean-Luc's former loves and assumes Heather is his new love. He knows he is defeated and vows to Jean-Luc that Heather will die. Jean-Luc has no option but to put Heather and her daughter into his protection. It doesn't hurt that he is deeply attracted to her and has been lonely for so long. He doesn't want to put Heather into more danger but he finds he cannot live without her. Oh yeah and what is she going to think when she finds out he is a vampire?

The Undead Next Door is part of the Love at Stake series. This is the first book I have read by Kerrelyn Sparks and I really enjoyed it. It had romance, action, and drop dead gorgeous men. What's not to love!

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