Monday, February 9, 2009

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood

Jack MacAlister cannot believe his luck. He just finished an undercover operation and is tired and hungry. He made his partner, Alec Buchanan (Murder List), pull into a hamburger joint and walks into a hostage situation. He shoots the the guy holding the girl as a shield and they does some karate on the other guy. When he is finished, Alec and him get some burgers. Unfortunately for him the whole episode got recorded on someone's cell phone and was put on You Tube! Now everyone wants to talk to this super FBI agent.

Sophie Rose is a newspaper reporter assigned to report about William Harrington. He has won 24 5K races and is going for win number 25. Not the most exciting assignment and William is full of himself. He talks for 2 hours straight about himself and his races. Good thing Sophie is recording the conversation because she zones out about 10 minutes into it. The next morning is the race and after talking to William beforehand, Sophie heads to the sidelines. William never starts the race. He simply disappears. Sophie is curious and goes to his condo and learns he has left for a trip to Europe. Thinking he got nervous before the race, Sophie lets the story go.

Sophie has other things to worry about other than a missing runner. She has been getting threatening phone calls. That is not a new occurrence since her dad is Bobby Rose, the Robin Hood of Chicago. But this time they are more sinister and then she is shot. It is a superficial wound but Sophie is put under police protection by her best friend Regan's husband, Alec Buchanan. Sophie then meets Jack and is instantly attracted. And vice verse.

Sophie decides to go to Alaska and write the story about William Harrington. Instead of going to Europe as Sophie was told, he was in Alaska and ends up eaten by a polar bear! Jack goes along as her bodyguard and the two end up finding danger and love.

Fire and Ice is another great book by Julie Garwood. At first I was confused by the journal entries at the beginning of each chapter but then it all comes together. I recommend all of Julie Garwood's books!

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