Monday, February 2, 2009

Lifeguard by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Vowing to his mother not to follow his father's footsteps in a life of crime, Ned Kelly has managed to create a life for himself in Palm Beach, Florida where he works as a lifeguard and bartender. In fact, a chance meeting with Tess, the beautiful woman he has met on the beach, has him thinking this is the woman he is meant to be with.

However, Ned has promised to do this one heist with the old gang from Boston. The payoff is $5 million for setting off some house alarms to create a diversion. This will allow the gang to break into the house and steal $60 million worth of famous paintings. On the night of the robbery, something goes terribly wrong: the art is already stolen and Ned's friends are left murdered, execution style. On that same night, Tess is killed in her hotel room. Are the murders connected?

With everyone dead and Ned as the number one suspect, he is on the run from not only the FBI and Palm Beach police, but also from the person who thinks he has the stolen art. Desperate for help, Ned teams up with Ellie, the FBI agent in charge of the art burglary, and an old friend to track down the people responsible for the set-up.

Packed with suspense and action, I guarantee you will devour The Lifeguard in just a few hours. My only complaint is that a high speed motorcycle chase reads a little too Hollywood, but suspending your belief for a few paragraphs is well worth the explosive payoff.

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