Monday, February 23, 2009

Run For Your Life by James Patterson

It has almost been a year since his wife's passing, and NYPD homicide detective/hostage negotiator Michael Bennett is struggling to take care of his 10 adopted children on his own, especially when half his brew is sick with the flu. Fortunately, he has the help of an Irish au pair, Mary Catherine, and his grandfather, Father Seamus.

When a woman is pushed onto a subway track and two employees are murdered at high profile New York institutions, Bennett is called in to put a stop to this madman who is terrorizing the city. The killer, who calls himself "The Teacher," claims to be vigilante for those who have been wronged and his shooting style suggests that he is no amateur and possibly ex-military. No matter what leads they follow, Michael always seem to be one step behind, with more victims turning up by the day.

Let's face it, nursing a group of vomiting children while trying to put a stop to a sociopath who is loose on the city's streets isn't easy. Michael will have to use his skills as a hostage negotiator to catch up with The Teacher before he strikes again.

Followed by Step on a Crack, this is the second in a series featuring Michael Bennett. I love how you can tear through a Patterson novel in just a few hours and it makes me forgive the implausibility of the story's ending. Although Step on a Crack was better, I do hope Patterson continues with this series.

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