Thursday, February 26, 2009

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

First time novelist Bauermeister combines her love of cooking and savoring life in this sweet story of love, heartache and passion.

Lillian owns an amazing yet quaint and off-the-beaten path restaurant. On Mondays, she opens the kitchen up to 8 diverse people for cooking classes. Each session is different from the last--the part that Lillian enjoys the most about these classes is opening up these people's hearts and minds to the aromas and flavors and textures of food--basic food.

During this session, some of the characters you meet are a harried first-time mom, a lawyer who lost the love of his and is just starting to try to piece his life back together, an Italian kitchen designer adapting to her new country, and a long-married couple who have been through the worst and are still passionate about life and each other.

Lillian has done this so many times she knows how to read each type of person who will walk in her doors--but don't think that's a bad thing--she's learned how to bring these characters together to find what each one is looking for.

A fantastic, sweet, enjoyable read.

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