Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard

Crystal Debrowski has just been propositioned. When you are five foot nothing with a very well endowed body, getting hit on is nothing new. Crystal politely refuses to be the mistress of Yao Long and has him escorted from the casino where she works. Thinking that is the end, Crystal forgets about it. A couple of weeks later, counterfeit money is being passed at the casino during her shift and Crystal is accused and arrested. Her best friend Abbie and her husband Sam (Take No Prisoners) come to her rescue and not far behind is her sometime lover Johnny Duane Reed.

After being sprung from jail, Crystal goes back to Sam's ranch. After spending the night at the ranch, Crystal decides to go home and get away from Johnny. She doesn't want to fall for Johnny, who is part of Black Ops, Inc and is a love 'em and leave 'em sort of guy, so staying at the ranch while he is there is not an option. When Crystal gets home, she realizes two men have broken in and she does her best to fight them but she is drugged and kidnapped.

When she wakes up she finds out that she has been kidnapped by Yao Long and is in Indonesia. It turns out he is big in human trafficking, drugs, and guns. Another girl is there and she explains to Crystal what is expected of her. Crystal will not give up without a fight. Before she can fight she is rescued by Johnny.

Now Johnny needs to get Crystal out of the country but before he can Crystal tells him the other girl's name. Turns out she is a general's daughter and has been missing for 6 months. Crystal won't leave until she is safe. Johnny calls in his Black Ops team and with Crystal they set out to rescue the girl and stop Yao Long for good.

Another great Black Ops, Inc story from Cindy Gerard. Cannot wait for the next installment out October 9, 2009!

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