Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fed Up by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Chloe Carter has witnessed another death. It all started out innocently enough. Her chef boyfriend, Josh, is participating in a television show where an unsuspecting person in a grocery store is chosen to take home a chef and have a meal prepared for them. There are 3 chefs involved and today was Josh's turn. Josh is told to pick a man and the producer Robin will approve him. After a million rejects, Robin has Josh pick a man named Leo. After Leo agrees, everyone, Chloe included, go to Leo's house to surprise his wife, Francie, with a gourmet dinner.

Once the meal is prepared and everything looks fantastic, the wife turns out to hate the meal. She says horrible things and then she says she doesn't feel so good. While she rushes off to the bathroom, Josh is clearly upset. Chloe goes to check on Francie and finds her vomiting and then she is dead. It is later determined she was poisoned!

Josh is cleared since all of his activities were recorded but that leaves a lot of other suspects. Could it be one of the other chefs trying to sabotage Josh's career? Or could it be Leo who we find out is having an affair? Or is it Nelson, the cameraman, who has a fascination for the morbid? Or was it Robin, the producer who wanted great ratings? Chloe is determined to figure it out in-between throwing her best friend a bridal/baby shower and officiating the wedding and trying to figure out why Josh is getting calls from another woman!

The Gourmet Girl series is fantastic. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. Also, if you love recipes there are a ton in each book!

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