Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking for a Little Romance?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a stalwart among Romance authors, and her book, Dream a Little Dream is one of her finer efforts.

Rachel Stone is at the end of her rope - a broke, single mother whose car just gave up on the outskirts of the town she was run out of a few years earlier. Desperate for a job to support her son, she forces her services on the first person she meets up with - the cold and ruthless Gabe Bonner, a member of one of the most respected families in town. While Gabe at first rebuffs her offers, he gradually realizes what a tough spot she is in, and allows her and her son to work at the drive-in he is fixing up and move into his grandmother's cottage while she gets back on her feet.

It turns out that Rachel is anything but welcome in Salvation, North Carolina. Her deceased husband was a television preacher who bilked thousands out of their hard-earned money, then died in a plane crash while trying to escape the country. Everyone suspects that she is living off of the money that he absconded with; trouble is, the money was never found and she doesn't have it, so she is hoping to find it to take care of her son. Will Rachel be able to overcome the obstacles in her life and find happiness again? Will the people of Salvation forgive her and welcome her back? Do Gabe and Rachel find happiness again?

This is a sweet story, but also contains plenty of spice for those of us who don't like our love stories TOO clean! Funny at times, heartbreaking at times, this is a romance that delivers beyond expectations! I should also mention that although this is a book from Phillips' Chicago Stars series, it stands on its own just as well.

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