Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When in Rome by Gemma Townley

Georgie Beauchamp daydreams about the day her ex-boyfriend, Mike, will run into her on the street when she is with her fabulous boyfriend, Pierce Brosnan/Russell Crowe/Brad Pitt. Of course, the first time in two years Georgie finally runs into him, she is with her boyfriend, David, and while she adores David he is not Brad Pitt. So the next day Georgie is shocked when Mike calls her at work and wants to get together for drinks. Georgie decides to go and flaunt what Mike gave up. Georgie has an OK time but gets the impression Mike might want to get back together with her.

After emailing and talking on the phone for a week, Mike asks Georgie if she wants to go to Rome for the weekend with him. In the year and a half that Georgie and David have been dating, their plans for a Roman holiday keep getting canceled. Georgie decides to go. Because maybe she still has feelings for Mike and David was just her rebound guy. Not telling David she is going and conveniently he is away for the weekend in Geneva, Georgie ends up in Rome carrying a mysterious bag through customs for Mike. Unfortunately, her Roman holiday doesn't turn out the way she planned. Mike is busy with work stuff which leaves Georgie on her own. While wondering around Rome by herself, Georgie runs into David!

Will Georgie stay with David and explain what is going on? Or will she choose Mike? What was in the mysterious bag? And will she find out why David was in Rome?

This was another fantastic book by Gemma Townley. I just love her books. If you haven't read one yet, I highly recommend them.

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