Monday, March 2, 2009

White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

Bestselling author Kim Harrison's 7th Rachel Morgan book, White Witch, Black Curse, is another page-turning tale of magic, murder, and urban fantasy set in a cold and often gritty Cincinnati.

White witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan is still reeling at the death of her lover, Kisten, and can't seem to remember what happened the night of his murder, although she wants to avenge his death. It seems as though everyone that Rachel loves ends up dead, which makes her wonder if she will ever be able to have a relationship again and consequently leaves her cautious to find love.

Meanwhile, when a spiteful banshee ruthlessly beats and leaves an FIB cop for dead, Rachel and vamp roommate Ivy are called by their friend Edden to bring in the killer. Even with the help of her pixy, Jenks, this is a challenge when it becomes clear that the supernatural powers possessed by the baby of this particular banshee are deadly. In addition, thanks to a false report of Rachel practicing black magic, she has been shunned from the Interlander community. Will Rachel be able to catch the banshee before she reeks more havoc on the city?

Harrison does a superb job of blending humor, mystery, and white magic (with a little black magic for good measure) and sets the stage for a mix of unforgettable characters including witches, vampires, pixies, and demons. This growing genre will find many new fans of Rachel Morgan, and readers will anxiously await the next book in The Hollows series!

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