Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo

American Emma Grant is a disgraced English professor and Austen scholar who has retreated to England on a secretive quest for the lost letters of Jane Austen. All her life she believed in the happy endings that Jane Austen provided in her novels. But when the husband she thought was her Mr. Darcy turns out to be more of a wicked Mr. Wickham, she begins to question her entire world view.

Dismissed by her university after being discredited by the husband and her teaching assistant (his lover) and charged with plagiarism, she is tempted to rebuild her career on the discovery of these lost letters. But can she betray the trust of the Formidables, the secret society who have preserved Austen’s unpublished missives?

And what to do about the attraction she is feeling towards her old graduate school colleague, Adam, and the attention being paid to her by the mysterious scholar, Barry?

This smart and funny story will appeal to both Anglophiles and Austenites. You’ll want to put the tea kettle on for this one!

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Louise - Reference & Reader Services said...

Thanks for reviewing this book! I checked this out and really enjoyed it.