Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark

Jimmy Easton, a long-time crook being detained for burglary, swears he knows something pertinent about the unsolved murder of Broadway sensation Natalie Raines. In return for a lesser sentence, he agrees to testify against Gregg Aldrich, Natalie's ex-husband and the man accused of paying him to murder his wife.

Devastated by the accusation, Aldrich swears he is innocent, but his defense team will have a tough time proving it. It is Jimmy's word against Gregg's, and Jimmy has unique knowledge about Gregg's house that only a hired killer would know.

Prosecutor Emily Wallace has just been handed the high-profile case that will boost her career. Her job is to convince the jury that Aldrich is a killer and to put him away for the crime. The further she gets into the trial, the more she questions if her star witness can be trusted. In fact, Natalie's mother suggests that Emily knows deep in her heart, a heart that was given to her two years ago when she needed a transplant, that she is putting the wrong man behind bars.

Meanwhile, Emily's neighbor Zach, who has agreed to let our her dog while she is at work, has been sneaking into her house to fondle her belongings. No one knows yet that he is a serial killer on the lamb. How long before Emily becomes his next victim?

Clark's newest novel is slow starting because of all the characters, but I am glad a stuck with it! The court room drama helps the novel move quickly along, and the subplot between Emily and Zach will have readers anxiously awaiting the conclusion. Mary Higgins Clark is a master at her craft and has rightly earned the nickname, "Queen of Suspense."

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