Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick

Lucinda Bromley needs help. She has a special gift. She can detect poison in plants. When a lord is found dead, Lucinda is called to help find out if it was poison. She does detect poison on the victim but not just any poison but poison from a plant that only she owns. A plant that was stolen a month before. Enter Caleb Jones.

Caleb Jones has his own special gift. He can work out complex problems. Being the owner of the Jones Agency, a company that helps the psychical, he agrees to help Lucinda find who stole her plant. While investigating, it is revealed that the man Caleb is looking for is also the same man he has been searching for from a previous case. Caleb and Lucinda work together to solve the mystery.

From the instant Caleb met Lucinda he was deeply attracted. But he believes with his gift he will go mad one day. Lucinda is attracted to him also and just might be the person Caleb needs to break his curse.

I love Amanda Quick! I wasn't really looking forward to another Arcane Society book, but she once again pulled me in. I cannot wait for the next Amanda Quick book.

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