Thursday, April 23, 2009

Serendipity by Louise Shaffer

In my attempt to find something new and different to read, I stumbled across Serendipity by Louise Shaffer and was not disappointed. This is a story about Carrie Manning, a young woman who is struggling to find her way and needs to deal with her family’s mysterious past in order find closure and move on with her own life. Carrie’s mother has just passed away. Her mother was once part of New York high society, but she gave it up to help those in need. Carrie’s mother raised her alone, and she never knew her father. He was a famous Broadway composer who died suddenly when she was a little girl. Carrie’s grandmother was a famous Broadway star, but her mother had long ago cut off all relations with her, about the time her father died.

After her mother’s funeral, Carrie seeks people she has never met to help her find answers. Why did her mother give up her high society lifestyle to live in a small, spartan apartment and devote her life to helping the homeless? Why did her mother cut off all communication with her family? She talks to her great-uncle, her grandmother’s best friend, and ultimately her grandmother. The stories reveal three generations of women with complicated lives full of surprises, secrets, hard work, hopes and dreams.

I found this story so interesting. It was a bit slow paced, but I enjoyed how the chapters alternated between the past and present and the stories were revealed from different perspectives. I look forward to reading more from Louise Shaffer.

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Storyheart said...

I have just had Louise as a guest on my blog radio show, it was truly an enjoyable 30 minutes chatting on the air and another hour off the air. I am so glad you enjoyed the book, there will she shared with me, be another one coming out next year.