Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Ideal Wife by Gemma Townley

Jessica Wild Wainwright is happily married to Max. The only thing that Jessica worries about is Max finding out about her kissing Hugh right before her wedding and the fact that Hugh is blackmailing her. So Jessica concocts a plan to become an ideal wife. She starts by taking cooking lessons which is a disaster from the get go and then she plans on seducing Max. That ends with Max breaking his leg.

Now Max is laid up in the hospital for a week and it is a crucial time at their business, Milton Advertising. Jess has agreed to oversee the ethical audit that is planned. But of course nothing can go smoothly. First there is the pretty nurse who is spending alot of time with Max. Then there is her mom who is acting stranger than usual and Chester, her mom's fiancee and Milton Advertising's biggest client, who is the one making them get the audit. And let's not forget Ivana, the Russian escort who is now a mom and her asking Jess to hide a trunk for her; no questions asked.

How will Jess every become the ideal wife that Max deserves with all these distractions? Find out by reading An Ideal Wife the final book in Gemma Townley's trilogy. The first two books of this fantastic trilogy are The Importance of Being Married and A Wild Affair.

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